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I brought this up to many people in the last couple of months, and only a few have heard of it – so I must share! MoviePass is a new(-ish) company made by a handful of brilliant people (including one of the creators of Netflix). It used to be $50 a month (I think, maybe $40) but is currently $10 a month. With it, you can see one movie a day in theaters for the entire month!

Looking for the catch? Well you can’t see 3D or IMAX movies, and you can only see each movie once, but other than that – no catch!

Every movie theater around us accepts MoviePass. You can check on their website (scroll to the bottom) to see what theaters around you accepts it. My husband, Mark, is a big fan of seeing movies in theaters, so this is something he will be doing by himself when I just want to cuddle on the couch with the pup. With prices of seeing a movie in theater being ~$10 a ticket, this is a such a great deal.


P.S. For anyone that dabbles in the stock market, I have been playing with the stock for this as well. While its own IPO isn’t planned until next year, it’s majorly owned by a company called Helios and Matheson Analytics ($HNNY), which did some crazy things last week and probably will next week again. It’s really great to day-trade if you have the guts for it.

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