this week on Amazon: 10.20.17

Week two of this blog already! This week’s recommendations are much more random than last week, but they’re even better IMHO. Anyway, here are this week’s Amazon recommendations from an self-diagnosed Amazon addict:

Sun protection: I actually bought this on Sephora, but it is much cheaper on Amazon, and totally legitimate. It’s a great daily sunscreen by a Korean company (K-Beauty is the best) and is amazing. It is lightweight but works great. Wearing sunscreen on your face and neck (and décolletage if visible) every day is the best thing you can do for your face!Neogen Dermalogy Day-Light Protection Sun Screen 50ml/1.65FL.OZ. SPF50/PA+++ Intensive Defense Against UVA/UVB Rays

Exfoliation: This works better than a face mask at exfoliation and moisturizing, and it smells like wine. Enough said? It’s another K-Beauty success story and another product sold for much more $ on Sephora.Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine, 200ml, 30 Count

Insect repellent: If you are planning on visiting anywhere with Zika, or going camping or to anywhere insect-prone, this is a must. It is super strong, much stronger than most insect repellents because it actually has permethrin in it. Make sure you are spraying this directly on your tent or clothing and not on your body. It works!

For kids: Looking for a present for a child? This is the coolest thing I’ve seen lately. It’s Lego-compatible tape! You can line a wall, a box, a bed, a table – whatever you want with this tape. Fostering creativity, etc, etc. They even have more color options if you’re trying to match a room.

Water shoes: These are great water shoes. I have them in black, but this color is great too. I cut my foot on some lava rock just walking on the beach in Hawaii, and immediately bought these online for further water-related adventures. Ouch.


Banana Republic: October 2017.

Banana Republic is one of my favorite stores to find comfortable, stylish work-appropriate attire that can be reworked for almost any occasion. They’re having an extra 50% off sale at the time of writing this. I’m going to share some of my favorites from the sale and some cool newer items.


product photo One-Shoulder Flare-Sleeve Top. Appropriate for work in the right setting, otherwise so fun for date night or out with friends. Currently $22.49 down from $88 with an extra 10% off if you have a Banana Republic card.

product photoWide Brim Straw Hat. After wearing a hat like this in Hawaii this year for the first time, I’m sold. These hats are so great for sun protection, especially on vacation. And the price right now – $8.98 down from $48 – is so crazy!

product photoFloral Medium Flat-Zip Pouch. This canbe used alone or inside a larger purse or work tote. It’s a nice little burst of color. Currently $18.99 – down from $48 originally.

product photoOff-the-Shoulder Maxi Dress. This dress would be great for vacation or summer-time, pretty versatile. $38.49 – down from $128.


Not on sale [at time of posting, but BR often has 40% off entire site sales]:

product photoSparkle Circle Bracelet. This comes out pretty much every other season at Banana Republic. Options for it are silver, gold, rose gold, and black. It will inevitably go on sale (as will everything), but keep your eyes peeled because they get snatched up quickly. They are so sparkly and look much more expensive than they are. They quickly dress up any outfit. I have gifted them to people and have a few of them in almost every color for myself. I stock up when they go on sale. They are $49.50 each right now, but like I said, these are regulars and they do go on sale.

product photoSeamless Layering Top with Built-In Bra. I haven’t seen this before at BR, but basically built-in tops are amazing for lazy and comfort-driven dressers like me. This is so great layered or just simply with high-waist jeans or skirts or underneath a button-down or cardigan. It comes in black, white, and nude and is meant to be tight-fitting so that it can be layered. Currently $34.50.

product photoMetallic Brocade Military Skirt. I do not have this nor have I seen it in person yet, so don’t judge me if it is actually horrendous, but it looks great online. It would be something really fun to wear with a bodysuit for a Christmas party or with a white button-down to work. Currently $198 and part of Olivia Palermo’s collaboration with BR.

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this week on Amazon: 10.14.17

Something easy that I’m going to try and do weekly (or monthly if I start to drag on recommendations) is share some of my favorite Amazon finds. Amazon Prime is my BFF, and we are constantly discovering new things that I think other people would enjoy too.

Read: The Book of Joy which is the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu’s brilliant views on finding joy in this life and this world, pieced together by author and interviewer Douglas Abrams. So real talk – I haven’t finished reading this. It’s dense with insight, so it’s hard to binge-read. I bought a copy for my sister, and even in my own copy I’ve highlighted “words to live by” that I want to remember. It’s a great way to refocus yourself on the important and joyful things in life in the cloud of negativity that seems to be around lately.

Eat: Matcha! This is my favorite matcha. I am not a coffee drinker, but this matcha is just the caffeine boost I need to last all day. The difference between the caffeine in this versus coffee is that it’s a slow steady release in your body, which doesn’t result in you crashing when it wears off. The great thing about matcha is the versatility of it. You can drink it alone, or mix it into smoothies/protein shakes, or my favorite – mixing it into my overnight oats. Subscribe-and-save is the best way to get this ordered -15% if you are subscribed to 5+ items. We have dog food, protein bars, matcha powder, chia seeds, flax seed, and a few other things on subscription from Amazon, so we always hit that extra 15%.

Wear: Invisibobble hair ties. There must be other brands of these that are just as good, so get whichever one you want since these are the only ones I have tried. I’m sure they’re sold in a store somewhere too, but secret: I hate shopping. I like shopping from the comfort of my couch, AKA online, but otherwise I only go to a store if I need to. But anyway, these are such a good alternative to any other hair tie I’ve tried. Last weekend I wore one of these in my hair for the entire day, and when I let my hair down, there was no ponytail indentation! It was magical. That’s the big benefit to these hair ties. They come in black, clear, and brown. I have black and clear.